Research-led teaching: module sound-bites (videos and podcasts)



Module Sound-Bites: French

INTRODUCTION Undergraduate Modules Stage 1 FR20050: Introduction à l’âge des Lumières (18e siècle) Stage 2 FR20220: World War 2 in French Culture Stage 3 FR30280: Diderot: Creative Iconoclast Postgraduate Modules

Module Sound-Bites: German

INTRODCUTION TEXT Undergraduate Modules Stage 1 Stage 2 GER20190: Grimms’ Tales and Adaptations GER20160: German-speaking Enlightenment GER20230: Transcultural Encounters 1: Turkish-German Poetry from ‘70s to Today Stage 3 GER30160: German Prose Narratives Since the Fall of the Wall Postgraduate Modules  

Module Sound-Bites: Italian

Undergraduate Modules Stage 1 Stage 2 ITAL20200: Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio: the Three Crowns Stage 3 ITAL30260: Politics and Morals in Renaissance Italy Postgraduate Modules

Module Sound-Bites: Portuguese

Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the world and Portugal has the oldest untouched borders in Europe. Having completed their studies in Portuguese, students will be equipped with the cultural knowledge and the ability to communicate not only in Portugal but in Brazil, Angola, Timor – Leste, Mozambique and other countries. Level … Continue reading Module Sound-Bites: Portuguese

Module Sound-Bites: Spanish

INTRODUCTION Undergraduate Modules Stage 1 SPAN10130: Hispanic Cultures & Societies Stage 2 Stage 3 SPAN30010: Spanish Language III a SPAN30190: Martyrs and Mystics: Poetry and Prose of the Spanish Golden Age Postgraduate Modules