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Improbable and impossible landscapes in Italian fantastic fiction

7th April 2021, 6.30pm, a talk by Dr Matthew Reza
Studies in fantastic literature often focus on objects, such as mirrors or portraits, figures such as the vampire, and the fantastic world such as parallel universes or distorted realities, but an area of less attention is the focus on the landscapes, settings and physical parameters which generate the fantastic.

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth through travellers’ eyes: Italian perspectives on the courtly life, women and customs (1650-1700)

3rd March 2021, 6.30pm
Dr Trzeciak–Cygan will guide us in a journey to the 17th-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as experienced by Italian travellers.

Dublin Dante Summer School (DDSS)

Second Year: 23-26 June 2020
Journeying between Eternities: Dante’s Purgatorio

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