The NeverEnding Story

Die unendliche Geschichte is a fantasy novel written by the German author Michael Ende and was published in 1979. The book tells the story of Bastian Balthazar Bux who steals a book titled The NeverEnding Story from a bookstore and starts to read it secretly in the attic of his parents house getting literally lost in the story and the magical world of Fantastica. The book was adapted into several films.

Michael Ende is a household name for children’s literature in Germany and two other well loved creations of his are Momo and Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver. The latter was adapted as a a marionette theater play by the Augsburger Puppenkiste…mention it to any of your German friends and their eyes will be lighting up for sure.

English Version
German Version


There are almost 100 million native speakers of German globally and 10-15 million non-native speakers. German is spoken in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, along with parts of Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Italy.

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The English version of The NeverEnding Story was published in 1983, and one noticeable change from the German original is the name of one of its main characters, the luck dragon, who’s original German name derived from the Japanese Fukuryū (福竜/福龍, “Luck dragon”).

Find the next location: Clue #5

You will find more magical worlds at the end of the corridor, walk through the doors and head towards its end.

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