I had always been interested in French language and literature throughout my middle and high school education. However, as an American, there existed cultural and geographic realities that I felt were holding me back. When the time came for me to pursue languages at a university level, I knew I wanted to take my study of European languages and literature directly to the source (that is, Europe!). The International Modern Languages program at UCD provides an excellent opportunity to live in an English-speaking, European country with continental Europe only a short flight away. The staff at the School of Languages and Literatures are knowledgeable and accessible, and small class sizes ensure that each student receives the attention they need. While enrolled in the International Modern Languages program at UCD, students can expect not only a personal and well-rounded education in languages and literatures, but also the priceless opportunity to travel and study abroad at a partner university for two full semesters.

Alec Stott (BA International Modern Languages)