I studied French, German and Italian while I was in UCD, and I spent my Erasmus year in Würzburg in Germany, which is a city I still love to visit with the friends I made while I was there! I used the summer before Erasmus to brush up on my French, by working as an au-pair and it’s still so bizarre to me that I went over being able to kind of understand and left fully able to have a conversation! I had only begun studying German when I came to UCD, so I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to understand anything and that I’d forget to say the verb at the end of sentence, but luckily I had a great teacher and mentor in course coordinator Sabine Krobb, and a wonderful class that weirdly loved grammar as much as I did! I always felt as though Sabine and Gillian Pye, the course coordinators at the time, were there to help and they really sparked a passion in us for learning more about languages and culture.

After we graduated, I kept working at the job I had had during college, unsure as to what exactly I wanted to do with my degree. Shortly after graduation, a friend I had made on Erasmus (from England) got in contact with me about a position in Prague, a city to which she had recently located. I had visited the city while I lived in Germany and then again while interrailing before final year and loved it. Two months later, I was on a flight! While there, I worked preventing Fraud in Amazon – dealing with the French, German and Italian speaking customers.

Upon my return to Ireland, I worked for PayPal, where I was making sure that customers and businesses weren’t trying to commit fraud in French, German and Italian speaking countries.  In September 2018, I decided that I had had enough of the corporate world and that I wanted to go back to college – I’ve just begun the second year of my PME (September 2019), to become a French and German teacher: I might even pick up Spanish when I’ve free time again!

I’ve had loads of opportunities since deciding to do IML and it’s so nice that I have so many options when it comes to deciding where I’d like to work. I’m still in contact with plenty of my friends from UCD and also the ones I met while I was abroad – it’s nice always having free accommodation on holidays!

Amy Weddell (French and German, 2016)