I studied French, German and Italian while I was in UCD, and I spent my Erasmus year in Würzburg in Germany, which is a city I still love to visit with the friends I made while I was there! I used the summer before Erasmus to brush up on my French, by working as an au-pair and it’s still so bizarre to me that I went over being able to kind of understand and left fully able to have a conversation! I had only begun studying German when I came to UCD, so I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to understand anything and that I’d forget to say the verb at the end of sentence, but luckily I had a great teacher and mentor in course coordinator Sabine Krobb, and a wonderful class that weirdly loved grammar as much as I did! I always felt as though Sabine and Gillian Pye, the course coordinators at the time, were there to help and they really sparked a passion in us for learning more about languages and culture.


Amy Weddell (French and German, 2016)

After spending a few fruitful years teaching English abroad after my graduation, and picking up a Masters in Development Studies, I set my sights on Brussels, and landed a competitive and invaluable internship at the European Commission, working on trade and international development. 


Eoin Kelly (Spanish and German 2013)

Studying Spanish with the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics not only presented me with an unforgettable opportunity to live and work abroad but also a knowledge and understanding of the many languages, cultures and traditions that form part of the Hispanic world. The modules relating to Hispanic art, film and literature are particular highlights of my time in the school and memories of which I share with my colleagues today. Since graduating I have made the short journey from the Newman building to the Applied Language Centre in UCD where I now work as part of our Pathways Programme – developing an entry way into UCD for international students. This is thanks to the experience which studying Spanish with SLCL has awarded me.  

Fearghal Murphy (BA History and Spanish)

I would highly recommend studying French in UCD for a number of reasons. From a learning point of view, we had a lot of small group tutorials, which meant that we not only benefitted from a hands-on teaching approach but it also gave students a great chance to build friendships and to share in the learning experience. Our tutors and lecturers were always available to discuss any issue or concern that we may have had, and were very generous with their time. (more…)

Catherine Lamb (BA International Modern Languages)

I chose to study International Modern Languages at UCD because I really enjoyed learning French at school. I wanted the chance to continue studying French while also picking up other languages. International Languages at UCD was perfect for this as I was able to do a joint major in French and German while also studying Italian as my elective throughout the four years of my degree. (more…)

Caoimhe Phillips (BA International Modern Languages)

I had always been interested in French language and literature throughout my middle and high school education. However, as an American, there existed cultural and geographic realities that I felt were holding me back. When the time came for me to pursue languages at a university level, I knew I wanted to take my study of European languages and literature directly to the source (that is, Europe!). The International Modern Languages program at UCD provides an excellent opportunity to live in an English-speaking, European country with continental Europe only a short flight away. The staff at the School of Languages and Literatures are knowledgeable and accessible, and small class sizes ensure that each student receives the attention they need. While enrolled in the International Modern Languages program at UCD, students can expect not only a personal and well-rounded education in languages and literatures, but also the priceless opportunity to travel and study abroad at a partner university for two full semesters.

Alec Stott (BA International Modern Languages)

I studied French and Mathematics at UCD, graduating in 2016. What the French department at UCD has been able to offer me both on an academic and personal level has been second to none. With diverse modules being offered, focusing on areas such as language, literature, history, culture, French in a global context and more, upon graduating you really emerge with a balanced understanding of not only the French language, but also of the people who speak it. I was granted an opportunity by the French department to spend a year on Erasmus exchange in Lyon, France, which was by far one of the highlights of my university experience. Nothing beats immersion when it comes to language learning, and doing so in an amazing city made it all the better. The experience allowed me to develop as a person and enrich my knowledge of both French language and culture. Following my graduation, I was selected by the French department to spend a year working as a lecteur in a university in Brest, France, which furthered again my linguistic capabilities. I am currently working as an accountant through French. The department has really given me what I needed to kick start my career in languages. The lecturers are very approachable and so many doors are open to you by studying here. I cannot recommend studying French at UCD enough.

Conor Doran (French and Mathematics)