Measuring student engagement via module Surveys

Contribution by:

charo hernandez + Eva Kilar-Magdziarz


Module: Spanish Language IIIa

Module Code: SPAN10140  

Student Cohort: Final year undergraduate students (71 students in total)

Our Rationale:

Why we did it: 

  • To gather feedback from students on the module‚Äôs content 
  • To collect student views about Brightspace access and navigation
  • To ascertain if the online content facilitates autonomous learning


What was done?

  • Designed survey questions 
  • Deployed Brightspace functionality and created so called SURVEYS 
  • Tested the survey 
  • Invited students to complete the Survey on Brightspace
  • Analysed data collected

Technical Considerations:

How it went:

No issues when submitting but it has been already flagged within UCD that at times students do not submit but just save the survey and then their inputs are not recorded so it is advisable to instruct students always to select submit buttons as shown below

Next steps:

  • Use it in other modules within subjects