Flipped Approach in Delivering “World Englishes” module

Contribution by:

Stephen Lucek + Eva Kilar-Magdziarz

Our Rationale:

Module: World Englishes
Why we did it:

  • Make the module more accessible to all
  • Motivate learners and engage them
  • Enhance F2F classes as well as autonomous learning


What was done?

  • Time and consideration was given to the World Englishes module design
  • Redrafting the Learning Outcomes for the module
  • Revisiting F2F classes to enhance these with technology and ensure they match the flipped approach
  • Brainstorming and designing the online resources that would  fit the flipped approach
  • Developing the online resources
  • Designing Brightspace module with a view to host the online resources
  • Ensuring the module is accessible within Brightspace
  • Recording a welcome video for the module
  • All online resources were designed and developed with a view to provide an interactive learning experience. These include integration of reading passages, online forums, mini knowledge checks in them
  • Testing and implementing the online resources within Brightspace

Next steps:

  • Ethics Clearance and a survey form created
  • Gathering feedback from students
  • Collating Feedback
  • Dissemination of research results
  • Amendments to the module

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