Enhancing SLCL language modules with technology

Contribution by:

Charo Hernandez + Eva Kilar-Magdziarz + Language Module Coordinators

Our Rationale

Students involved: Language Modules at All stages
Project span 2018-2021

Why we did it:

  • Bringing consistency to language curriculum across all languages (QIP 4.17)
  • Enhancing the current language module offerings with Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in face to face as well as online (via the VLE)


What was done?

  • Introduction of the Companion Volume to Ab Initio and Non Beginners Module Coordinators
  • Mapping Learning Outcomes to the CEFR Companion descriptors (A1, A2 and B2 Levels)
  • Language Module Design within the VLE

Next steps

  • Work with the Individual Module coordinators on content development as well as assessment enhancement
  • Develop guidelines on the VLE Module Design
  • Continue working on levels B2-C2