Enhancing Intercultural Communication with Digital Scenario-Based Resources

Contribution by:

Sandrine peraldi + Eva Kilar-Magdziarz


Module: Intercultural Communication

Module Code: LING20100

Student Cohort: 2 Stage Students

Our Rationale:

Why we did it: 

  • Teaching Intercultural Communication (ICC) in the global context as a needed competence for all 
  • Increasing engagement in class with “critical incidents” 
  • Extending classroom to online teaching and learning and exposing students to online scenario-based activities that are enrooted in theory of ICC 
  • Modular time limitations enabled moving some theory to Brightspace
  • Design an effective module on line that would support all students in their learning path 

More on the project in the video below:


What was done?

  • Design 2 interactive videos and 8 online resources with the team from SLCL (Bettina Migge, Charo Hernandez, Diana Battalgia and Joseph Twist) – image below of the team 
  • Applying ADDIE to  the design of the resources  
  • Design UCD Virtual Learning Environment so that it is accessible, navigable for all students

Next steps:

  • Design and develop the resources 
  • Implement within the module 
  • Evaluate and amend if needed 

Published proceedings from ICC conference and National Forum project .