Localisation in the Gaming Industry

Games industry, game localization and production logics: an overview

Agnieszka Kliś-Brodowska, PHD
University of Silesia in Katowice, Faculty of Humanities

4th March 2021, 12pm

The talk provides a very general introduction to the topics such as changing sectors, game genres, company types, platforms, etc. to allow for a better understanding of the games industry. We are also going to talk about the production logics in the cultural industries, how they function in the video games industry specifically, and how they may determine the final product. Finally, there will be included a specific reference to game localization and its relationship to the games industry.

An introduction to storytelling in games

Magdalena Bednorz, MA
University of Silesia in Katowice, Faculty of Humanities

11th March 2021, 12pm

The talk will present an overview of basic characteristics of digital games as a storytelling medium. It will focus on the characteristics of game narratives, differences between writing for games and for other media, and challenges the games present for writers. We are going to discuss what to pay attention to when engaging creatively with digital game narratives, what storytelling techniques can be useful, and what exercises can be implemented to help develop writing skills specifically for the interactive, digital medium.