Dr Diana Battaglia

Lecturer in Spanish

Diana worked for various year as a PG teaching assistant and language tutor at the University of Leeds and as a Lecturer in Latin American Studies at Queen’s University Belfast teaching both content and language modules at all levels before joining SLCL.

Her research interests include contemporary Latin American literature, especially Cuban literature; the relationship between contemporary cultural production, cultural identity and society in Cuba; Spanish and Latin American detective fiction, and the representation of cultural memory and cultural identity in crime fiction.


Online Publications

Ajiaco, Rum and Coffee: Food and Identity in Leonardo Padura’s Detective Fiction

Published on the website of the Arts and Humanities College (UCD)

Research Projects

The “Other” Havana of Leonardo Padura Fuentes: Palimpsests, Heterotopias and Cultural Subversion in La Neblina del Ayer

A talk on Leonardo Padura Funete’s novel La Neblina del Ayer and the different ways the city of Havana was represented (November 2012)

PhD Supervision

Maria Lydia Polotto

PhD candidate in Spanish

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