Dr Diana Battaglia

After an undergraduate and MA degree in Foreign Languages and International Communication at the University of Catania (Italy), I have completed a Ph.D. at the University of Leeds. My thesis, entitled “Representing Cubanness: Time, Space and Cultural identity in the work of Leonardo Padura Fuentes”, focused on the narrative representation of Cuban identities. Starting from the narrative categories of time and space I analyse how Padura’s characters constantly negotiate and reshape their identities in relation to the Cuban socio-political changes of the Special Period and post-Soviet era.
My research interests include contemporary Latin American literature, especially Cuban literature; the relationship between contemporary cultural production, cultural identity and society in Cuba; Spanish and Latin American detective fiction, and the representation of cultural memory and cultural identity in crime fiction.

Before coming to UCD I worked for various year as a PG teaching assistant and language tutor at the University of Leeds and, then, as a Lecturer in Latin American Studies at Queen¿s University Belfast teaching both content and language modules at all levels.