Project: UCDictionary

Welcome to the UCDictionary!

The UCDictionary Project celebrates our multilingual community and empowers students and teachers to embrace and share their language skills whatever they may be.

We are creating a crowd-sourced, multilingual dictionary of special words and phrases from any language that will enrich our shared linguistic landscape. The UCDictionary includes, but is not limited to:

  • Untranslatable words 
  • Colloquial expressions, slang, and terms from different dialects 
  • Underused words
  • Neologisms (new words or words invented by members of the community that they would like to share)
  • Lost words (words that have fallen out of usage that members of the community would like to bring back).
  • We need your input to ensure the UCDictionary is as diverse as possible! You can submit your special word from any language or dialect here:

We also have prizes of €50, €30 and €10 for the most exciting/fun/funny/interesting/surprising entries! You can find the competition entry form here: The deadline to win a prize is December 23rd 2020! 

Want to learn more? Try playing the UCDictionary Game! This is an online resource that will:

  • test your knowledge of how dictionaries work
  • direct you to external links where you can learn more
  • introduce the UCDictionary and what makes it special
  • help you contribute your own special word to the UCDictionary

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email us at

UCDictionary Game

Language Lovers: don’t let lockdown get you down! The UCDictionary has online games and great prizes for Junior Cycle and Transition year students!

UCDictionary Masterclass