Platero and I

We found a classic that has not only been translated into English, but is also available in Irish. Platero y yo or Mise agus Platero is a poem loved by children and adults alike in Spain. It was written in 1914 by Juan Ramón Jiménez and tells the story of a writer and his donkey.

A 'small donkey, a soft, hairy donkey: so soft to the touch that he might be said to be made of cotton, with no bones. Only the jet mirrors of his eyes are hard like two black crystal scarabs.'
Un burro 'pequeño, peludo, suave; tan blando por fuera, que se diría todo de algodón, que no lleva huesos. Sólo los espejos de azabache de sus ojos son duros cual dos escarabajos de cristal negro.' 

English Version
Spanish Version
Irish Version


Spanish has more native speakers than any language apart from Mandarin Chinese, with 483 million speakers. It is an official language in 20 countries including Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Argentina. It is also the second most widely spoken language in the United States, after English, with 43 million speakers.

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