Khalid Alsalim

Thesis working title: A Comparative Study of the Arabic Impact Verbs with Some of their English Equivalents within a Lexical-Semantic Approach.

Supervisor: Dr Paolo Acquaviva.

Khalid Alsalim Profile

I am a first-year Ph.D. student in the School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics at UCD. I got my BA in English Language and Translation from Qassim University and then my MA in Linguistics from Oakland University in Michigan, United States. During my MA studies, I worked as a part-time tutor at La Casa Miga (a non-profit English language institute in Michigan, United States). I first worked as a full-time teacher of English language at the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia. Then, I worked as a graduate assistant at the department of English, Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia, until 2012, and then I went to the United States to get my MA studies in Linguistics. After my MA, I worked as a department head for three years at the same university (Majmaah University). The main reason I decided to come to Ireland was to obtain the best quality education in the world and the Ph.D. in Linguistics programme at University College Dublin provides just that and much more. UCD will help me accomplish a lifetime milestone of being an excellent professor in my homeland, Saudi Arabia.

I have many academic goals and aspirations, which I hope to achieve in the coming years. My passion for research comes from two sources: intellectual curiosity, and my experiences in data analysis in the Arabic Language. I hope to further my graduate studies’ education in a field that will guide me in developing my qualifications for a future profession in my home country of Saudi Arabia. I want to learn and expand my experience by a detailed study of semantic theories, of the polysemy of some Arabic verbs within various contexts as well as of the methods of Linguistics (e.g., Syntax and Phonology that may derive semantic results). More specifically, the semantic extensions and sense relations within classical and prototypical linguistics categorization have been my area of interest since I became involved in Semantic studies. I have attended some workshops and seminars that deal with lexical extensions of meaning in general and schematic distribution of meanings in particular. Semantics puts a great emphasis on linguistic categorization to equip prospective researchers with the knowledge, abilities, and skills they require to combine their different data analysis effectively. Furthermore, I have a strong belief that studying and researching in this domain will help one to be able to improve the relation between different languages, or languages that are genetically unconnected.

My specific research interests lie in theories of lexical relations and the different senses of impact verbs in Arabic and English. The semantic relation between impact verbs across different languages is an interesting and challenging topic.