Maria Lydia Polotto

Thesis Working Title: Gender Trouble and Gender Performativity in Manuel Puig’s Narrative Work. Appropriation of Cinematographic Materials and Resistance to Heteronormativity. 

Supervisors: Dr. Diana Battaglia / Dr. Pascale Baker

My name is María Lydia Polotto, I am a second year PhD student and Spanish language tutor at University College Dublin, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Language and Literature in Argentinean Catholic University (UCA) and a Master’s Degree in Literary Research in the Open University, Spain. My research interests include Feminist and Gender Theory, Postmodernism, Posthumanism and Latin American Studies. I am currently writing a thesis on Manuel Puig and Judith Butler’s gender performativity under the guidance of my supervisors, Dr Diana Battaglia and Dr Pascale Baker.