Dublin Dante Summer School 2020 (DDSS)

Journeying between Eternities: Dante’s Purgatorio

We are delighted to announce the launch of the second edition of the Dublin Dante Summer School (DDSS) which will run for another two years, June 2020 and June 2021. 2021 will then mark the anniversary of Dante’s death with a special edition of our School. 

The project has received collaboration and financial support from Dublin Unesco City of Literature, the Italian Institute of Culture and the Italian Embassy in Dublin, The National University of Ireland, TCD Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, TCD School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies, Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation, UCD College of Arts and Humanities, UCD School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, The UCD Foundation for Italian Studies.

The Dante Summer School based in Dublin is meant to attract national and international attention to the Italian language, literature and culture through the study and teaching of Dante’s Divine Comedy, one of the poetic masterworks of Western culture.

The Summer School will consist of four online days with morning lectures and afternoon workshops held by internationally renowned scholars in the field of Dante studies, and evening events organized by the Italian Institute of Culture with international writers, musicians, performers and artists. Students and scholars from Ireland, the UK, Europe and the US will participate, too. The theme of this year is Journeying between Eternities: Dante’s Purgatorio.


To participate, please register by email sending your contact details (your name, surname, and email address) to dublindanteschool@gmail.com. Those who will register by June 22nd will receive the link and the password to access to this year’s free online edition of the Dublin Dante Summer School.

DDSS Programme

Download the Programme for the Online Dublin Dante Summer School below


Igor Candido (TCD), Francesco Lucioli (UCD), Renata Sperandio (IIC)

Dante School Officers:

Giulia Bonaldi, Gianluca Caccialupi, Cinzia Di Bucchianico, Anna Floridia

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Day 1: 23rd June 2020

Day 2: 24th June 2020

Day 3: 25th June 2020

Day 4: 26th June 2020

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