SPAN10130 Hispanic Cultures & Societies

This module introduces students to the study of Spanish society and culture through enquiry-based learning, a student-centred approach that focuses on the acquisition and development of independence of thought, the use and application of research skills, and a focus on excellent presentation skills (oral and written) both on an individual level and in the contextContinue reading “SPAN10130 Hispanic Cultures & Societies”

SPAN30190 Martyrs and Mystics: Poetry and Prose of the Spanish Golden Age

The Spanish Golden Age saw a remarkable period of cultural growth and innovation in all areas of the arts. Paradoxically, it was also an era in which Spain was gripped by rigged authoritarianism and an obsessive drive towards religious orthodoxy directed by the infamous Spanish Inquisition. This course explores the lives and work of poetsContinue reading “SPAN30190 Martyrs and Mystics: Poetry and Prose of the Spanish Golden Age”

SPAN30010 Spanish Language 3a

This is a core module, primarily for students of Spanish who are completing a degree programme but it may be of interest to students of other disciplines and Erasmus students who want to work to an advanced level in Spanish. The module explicitly builds on the Level 2 module SPAN20060, consolidating skills equivalent to levelContinue reading “SPAN30010 Spanish Language 3a”