FR20050 Introduction à l’âge des Lumières (18e siècle)

This module proposes a discovery of the Enlightenment of eighteenth-century France through its literature. Three texts will be chosen for scrutiny from amongst key thinkers and writers of the century. Authors studied in the past include Rousseau, Graffigny, Riccoboni, Voltaire, and Diderot. Each writer brings a different vision of life and progress to the text, but all try to make sense of life and the complex world in which they live, against an exciting historical backdrop. The Enlightenment outlook on the world is one of constant questioning and challenging of the status quo. As an ensemble, the three works studied will offer an insight into a key historical moment where the individual is goaded into thought, reaction and responsibility in life, with a few inevitable mishaps along the way. Core texts must be purchased in the recommended editions from International Books (see

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